Paper Materials Drop off/Pickup
Every Tuesday and Friday 9am-3pm. Drop off your children’s completed material at the car pick up line doorway. Please make sure your child’s name is on the completed material. If this time frame doesn’t work please email or call (419) 433-6181

Spirit Week 5-11-20 to 5-22-20 Dr. Seuss and Language

Spirit Week 5-25-20 to 5-30-20 Psychical Science

Spirit Week 6-1-20 to 6-5-20 Trips!

Spirit Week  5-4-20 to 5-8-20 Mathematics
Monday– How many bugs are in your bag?! (Wear something with insects) Bring your bag you picked up on Friday (or if you didn’t get to grab these materials for our 10am zoom): 
-gallon size plastic bag
-black piece of paper 
-white or yellow piece of paper 
-permanent or washable
Tuesday– How full is your jar? (Wear something showing your emotions today)
-an empty bottle or jar
-something to fill your jar. Something that can be a lot or a little.
Wednesday– Money…..(Wear something related to money) Bring any money coins or bills you can find 
Thursday– How many petals are on different flowers? Mother’s Day flower project. (Wear flowers or plants) Bring your bag you picked up on Friday (or if you didn’t get to grab these materials for our 10am zoom): 
-Pipe cleaner
-tape or glue
-Colored paper to cut petals out
-Something to write with 
Friday– Movement and measurements…(Wear something that moves or measures) 

Spirit Week 4-27-20 to 5-1-20
– Make it Monday! Read or write a recipe and share with us what you can make in the kitchen. (Dress like a chef)
Tuesday– Get lost in the jungle! Read or write a story about the jungle! (Dress like an animal or like you live in the jungle)
Wednesday-Out of this world! explore outer space in a book! (Dress like an astronaut or something that may live in outer space)
Thursday– Throne Thursday! You’re the king or queen of  your own kingdom, read some books about royalty or make up your own. (Get your crowns and tiaras dusted off dress like royalty)
Friday– Make a splash! Get in and get wet while reading about water: oceans, lakes, rivers or streams what lives in them around them. Share something fun you learned. (swimsuits, fish costumes,dress like anything that lives or enjoys water)
Spirit Week  4-20-20 to 4-24-20
Monday-Crazy Hair Day, be creative!  
Tuesday-Dress like a villain, hero, or favorite character
Wednesday-Earth Day, Create a Save the Earth shirt, bracelet, hat, etc.
Thursday-Dress like a time when your parents were young.
Friday-Make a collage about yourself.  Your favorite things, places you like to travel, what you want to do when you grow up or who you want to be, what you have been doing over break, etc.