Firelands Montessori Academy has a rich history. For over 40 years, our school has been dedicated to providing an excellent authentic Montessori Education in Northwest Ohio.

Firelands Montessori Academy was founded in 1979 by former Norwalk residents Peter and Rosann Larrow and their colleague, Joseph “Geno” Genovesi. As teachers in area schools, Rosann, Peter, and Geno observed that most of their students were unenthusiastic about school and had little interest in learning. They discovered Montessori when their own children were young, and realized they needed to start a school, both for their children and the hundreds of children that would follow.

The original site of the school was in Norwalk, Ohio. Peter and Rosann filled the roles of teachers and Administrators. The school began as a preschool, offering both morning and afternoon classes. Over the years it evolved to serve children across the planes of development from toddler through Elementary.

The site of the school moved over the years, from Norwalk to BGSU Firelands College to the Shawnee School Building on Cleveland Road in Huron. In 1983 and 1984 Elementary levels, first through fourth, joined the preschool at the Shawnee School Building, and grew to eventually include Middle School. All of the programs relocated to the current location at 329 Ohio Street, Huron, OH in 2008. Our beautiful school offers spacious, light-filled classrooms, lovely gardens, and ample outdoor space.

All of the programs at Firelands Montessori Academy are thriving. We host one Toddler House Classroom, three Children’s House Classrooms (for children ages 3-6) one Elementary Classroom (1st through 3rd grade).

FMA also offers an Enrichment Program and childcare for children who require care during hours beyond typical classroom hours. We look forward to continuing to provide excellent, Montessori Education for many years to come.