We are fortunate that in Montessori discovery is part of the classroom work. Lessons often begin with this question; What do you see? Think of the language skills children learn naturally; thousands of words and syntax.

Another common element in Montessori is collaboration. This is an important characteristic with the elementary age child. Children need to move and socialize. They are learning important skills; how to communicate, how to problem solve and how to manage their time.

We know that every individual is unique and develops at their own pace with their own strengths and weaknesses. Modern brain research confirms that children need to move and learn by doing.

Choice is an important factor in Montessori. Students spend their day making choices. Some are good choices, some are not. That is a valuable learning experience. Motivation comes from within. Assigned tasks do not have the same affect. Often, the assigned task become a tedious exercise that can be frustrating which leads to an aversion.

In a Montessori environment emphasis is placed upon the process rather than the product. A project may take days to complete. Children often get more from that one activity than a dozen assigned tasks.